Health Department advises aggressive masking, social distancing, and frequent sanitization


Dharamshala: While India is witnessing a daily spike in COVID-19 cases, 300 cases have been reported so far from the various Tibetan communities across India and Nepal. Tibetans in Dharamsala so far have witnessed a total of 3 COVID cases who had travel history from other states and now have recovered, however, recently a new COVID case, an employee of Canara bank located at the premise of CTA has caused a worrying scenario on 14th Sept, 2020.

In order to stop the spread of the virus, the secretary of the health department promptly advised all visitors of the bank to self-isolate and at the same time, an emergency meeting was held on 14th Sept 2020 with Dr. Tsundue to discuss on contact tracing and setting new guidelines to all offices and NGOs in the vicinity.

No sooner COVID-19 task force meeting was held, another case was reported from the same bank. Health Kalon and the Task Force Committee discussed a range of issues including curbing the spread, strategies for contact tracing, mandatory 14 days quarantine, an instant arrangement of RT-PCR test for contact tracing, etc. In the meantime, all the contacts were provided SORIG Immune Booster.

On 18thSept, Mr. Palden Dhondup, Secretary of Health Department briefed instruction on the importance of practicing precautionary measures, followed by testing of 46 High-Risk contacts with the help of Delek Hospital staff. All of them have tested negative for COVID-19.

The remaining listed contacts will be tested coming Tuesday on 22nd Sept.

COVID Care Facility for CTA staff has been arranged near the former Shugseb nunnery in case of any unfortunate occurrence of cases among CTA staff.

Further discussions were held with the Settlement Officer, Dharamsala on the importance of advising Tibetans residing in Mcleodganj to continue with the preventive measures as instructed before. Likewise, Kashag (Cabinet) has issued an official guideline to be adhered by all the CTA staff and their family to control the spread of COVID cases in our community.

DoHe COVID-19 Task-force meeting
DoHe-distributing-SORIG Immune-booster to contacts
DoHe arranging COVID-Care-facility for CTA-staff