GAES Foundation Provides Hearing Screenings & Hearing Aids to the Community

GAES Foundation conducted hearing screenings and provided hearing aids to Upper TCV on October 7, 2019.


Dharamsala: This week, the Department of Health, CTA and Casa del Tibet (Office of Tibet-Spain), provided hearing screenings and hearing aids to community members through the GAES Foundation.

The mission of the GAES Solidaria Foundation is to provide opportunities to people with hearing loss and with no financial resources so that they can develop their language and communication capacities.

This is not the first time the GAES Foundation are in Dharamsala; the team provided the same services in September 2018 and March 2019.

This is a summary of the current visit:

October 7 – the team visited Namgyal Monastary and Upper TCV. At Namgyal Monastary, three monks were screened and one was given medicine. At Upper TCV, 17 student and staff were screened, 8 hearing aids were placed, and 5 were reviewed.

October 8 – the team visited Gaden Choling Nunnery where they screened 16 nuns and placed 12 hearing aids.

October 9 – the team welcomed the public community for screenings. The GAES Foundation was able to see 35 community members, place 20 hearing aids, and conduct 10 revisions of old hearing aids.

October 10 – the team is currently at the Jampaling Eldery Home.

Thank you to Casa del Tibet and GAES Foundation for your support and aid towards the Tibetan community!

The GAES Foundation conducting a hearing screening test.
A professional of the GAES Foundation placing a hearing aid to an elderly man.
The GAES Foundation conducting a hearing screening test.