First Ever Cooking Contest in Dharamsala among Tibetans on World Diabetes Day

Health Kalon giving closing note after awarding the prizes
Secretary of DOHe with the winners
Secretary of DOHe with the winners
Anchor asking question to contestant Kunga Choeying
The judges,Secretary DOHe(center),Chef (right),Nutritionist (left)
All the six contestants

In an effort to promote healthy eating among the Tibetan community, the Department of Health, CTA hosted the first-ever Dharamshala cooking contest among Tibetans on World Diabetes Day, 14th Nov 2019. The aim of this competition was to create a healthy and vegetarian dish, while aligning with the restrictions of a diabetic diet. Furthermore, the criteria included taste and appearance of the dish.

The contest was judged by three jury: Palden Dhondup, Health Secretary; Shakir Khan; Chef of Chonor Guest House, and Nitti Gupta; Nutritionist from Gauri Medical and Dental Care Delhi.

Health Kalon Choekyong Wangchuk made a statement urging all Tibetans to adopt a healthy lifestyle while emphasizing that a balanced diet is one of the crucial factors for achieving this goal.

A total of six contestants participated in the event. Each contestant coming from different backgrounds, made various dishes for the judges. Their names and respective dishes are as followed:
1. Penpa: POT-AU-FUE Italian
2. Tenzin Tsephal: Steamed Vegetables & putang
3. Ngawang Lhamo: Naan with Spinach Curry
4. Dhondup Tashi: Roti and mix vegetables
5. Kunga Choeying: Gajar Ka Halwa,
6. Tenzin Chokyi: Naan & Muttar Paneer

After six rounds of presentation of dishes to the judges.The anchor announced the winners.The First prize was bagged by Tenzin Tsephal, Second prize by Penpa and the Third by Kunga Choeying.

To watch the full event,check the below link.

༄༅། །རྡ་སའི་བོད་མི་ནང་ཁུལ་རོ་བཅུད་ལྡན་པའི་དཀར་ཟས་འགྲན་བསྡུར་ཐེངས་དང་པོ།

༄༅། །རྡ་སའི་བོད་མི་ནང་ཁུལ་རོ་བཅུད་ལྡན་པའི་དཀར་ཟས་འགྲན་བསྡུར་ཐེངས་དང་པོ།First Ever Dharamsala Tibetan Cooking Contest.Special event organized on World Diabetes Day by Dept. of Health, CTA

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