Emotion Regulation workshop held at Kunphen Rehabilitation Centre by the Department of Health in collaboration with MenTseeKhang

Mental Health Desk Coordinator Tsering Yangdol leading a participatory activity.

Dharamsala: The Mental Health Desk of the Department of Health in collaboration with the Mental Health Department of the Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical & Astro-Science Institute) had conducted a workshop on Emotion Regulation at Kunphen Rehabilitation Centre from 21st to 24th March. The workshop was conducted to raise awareness on ‘Emotion Regulation’ for the residents as suggested by Kunphen Counselors and Mentors. The primary objective of this participatory workshop was to educate and build a good grasp of ‘Self-awareness, Emotion Recognition, and Regulation’ based on Social, Emotional, and Ethical (SEE) learning.  All of the participants residing over there at Kunphen must be applauded for their earnest dedication to learning and exploring themselves by practicing the module diligently.

The desk believes that some of the practices undertaken to target self-awareness and emotion literacy have yielded positive outcomes in helping them to acknowledge and share feelings of different emotions in a constructive manner that contributes to their emotional wellness. The workshop is funded by PRM.

Staff of MTK speaking
Intern Chondhen of Mental Health Desk
Group discussion