Elder’s Fest

On June 30, 2024, the Department of Health organized an elder fest in Lhagyari, Dharamsala, which was primarily attended by elderly.The festival was hosted as part of the elder care initiative, which is funded by USAID and aims to provide holistic care to our seniors.The fest was a success after several weeks of cooperation and careful planning, as it attracted 92 elders who enjoyed the day to the utmost, exploring the various delicacies, games, cleanliness, and wellness sectors with their fest coupons.The eldest was 96 years of age.The event clearly demonstrated that the elderly appreciated the extra attention and care they received, particularly the comprehensive hygienic services and cognitive engagement (games).The event provided a unique space for our elders to socialize and express themselves.
The event was made possible with cooperative assistance from the TSO Dharamsala, Tibetan Career Center, Patient Care Trust, Tibet Charity, and volunteers.