Finals of CTA’s Men and Women Inter-Departmental Winter Basketball Tournament

In the afternoon of 7th December, all the dignitaries and all the staff of CTA gathered at the Basketball ground of Gankyi in the afternoon as both the Men and Women’s final matches of the tournament were played which was organized by the Department of Health (DoHe), Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), with the assistance of CTA games committee.

Sikyong giving the opening speech

DoHe organizes Inter-Departmental Basketball Tournament for both men and women during winter and summer as well. Its aims are to serve as a timely reminder for the staff to ask themselves some fitness questions like how healthy they are, fast they can run, are they able to jump high enough etc. It al

Men teams in action

so aims for better coordination between the different departments.

This winter a total of eleven Teams of men and six teams of women participated in the month long tournament. A total of 174 staff participated, out of which 120 were men and 54 were women. The first match was played on 15th Oct. 2019.All the matches were played after office hours.

On 7th December, All the dignitaries and staff of CTA gathered at the Basketball ground to watch the Men and Women’s final matches. Before the match begun, Sikyong, Lobsang Sangye shook hands with all the players. And on a lighter note before the Women’s final match begun said “Though being the Head of DIIR, I cannot openly support our team because with the finance team as the budget session is approaching, I have to negotiate with them about the budget of the next year”. Everyone in the audience burst into laughter.

DIIR’s No. 9 shooting free throws

Women’s final was played between DIIR team and Finance Team. DIIR team took the lead in the beginning but the Finance team did come back in the second quarter. Throughout the match the lead changed several times. The emotions ran high across the audience and particularly the staff of participating departments. The match was as competitive as it could get. Ultimately the DIIR team won the match and held high the victory cup.

Men teams in action

Men’s final was played between DIIR Team A and Dept. of Security team. The DIIR team took the lead from the beginning of the match and maintained the lead till the end. It was less competitive as contrary to the hopes of the viewers. The DIIR men team held the men’s victory cup.


All the losing teams will wait for the summer tournament and hopefully will be able to go further in the next tournament.

Both the Wining Teams,DIIR Men and Women