Despite significant decline in cases, public urged continuous precautions: 74th COVID-19 Task Force Briefing

74th Covid-19 Task Force Briefing. Image: Screengrab

Dharamshala: The weekly Covid-19 taskforce briefing reported 36 fresh cases within the Tibetan communities in exile with most of the cases being reported from the Tibetans settlements in South India.

Addressing the 74th covid briefing, Tenzin Dolker, staff of the Department of Health updated the current pandemic status of the exile Tibetan community. As per the data of CTA’s COVID-19 response committee, a total of 1315 Tibetans in India and Nepal were tested for covid this week of which, 36 have been tested positive. The oldest among the infected individuals was 94 years and the youngest was 2 years old.

2 Tibetans had reportedly passed away this week succumbing to the infection. This brings the total number of active cases in the Tibetan community across and India and Nepal at 91 and the total death counts to 148. Meanwhile, a total of 5932 have been recovered.

As for the quarantine status, a total of 1053 Tibetans are currently quarantined either at home or at the community quarantine centre.

A total of 44346 units of Sorig immune boosters have been disbursed till now.

The ongoing vaccination drive has so far covered 21431 Tibetans in India above 18 years who are completely inoculated and 28379 Tibetans who have been partially inoculated.

As for the status in Nepal, around 3087 Tibetans have been fully vaccinated.

Regardless of a significant decline in active cases, the public is requested continuous precautions and in order for Tibetan communities to achieve complete herd immunity, Tibetans have been urged to receive complete vaccination.

The committee also urged Tibetans to restrict travelling unless absolutely necessary so as to prevent the spread of the virus.

Remarking on the gravity of the situation witnessed during the second wave of coronavirus, Dr Choedhen cautioned people against any sort of irrational behaviours that would potentially increase the risk of variant resurgence.