Department of Health to observe May as Mental Health awareness month

Dharamsala: May is being observed as mental health awareness month around the world. And our mental desk has got our skates on to raise awareness on Mental Health / Emotional Hygiene and normalize the mental illnesses by quieting the misbeliefs and stigmas ( negative attitudes and misconceptions) that our society hold up to the present time. Understanding the necessity of designating this month to break the stigma around the Mental Illnesses and amplify the message of ‘Together for Mental Health’ through awareness, support, and advocacy activities within the community, we have reached out to respective authorities of the settlements and schools to conduct any mental health advocacy and awareness activities. 

In Dharamsala, the desk had decided to hold a virtual panel discussion with four panelists on 14th May,2022 from 7 pm-8:30pm on the theme ‘ Together for Mental Health: Break the Stigma’. Moreover, we are going to organize a Mental Health fest on 28thMay,2022 from 10am -3pm and the venue of the event is TCV Day School Ground.