Department of Health to Launch Disbursement of Babycare-kits for Newborn Infants

Health Secretary Palden Dhondup unveils babycare kits.
Photo/Tenzin Phende/CTA.

Dharamshala: The Mother and Child Health Program of the Department is set to launch disbursement of babycare-kits for newly born Tibetan infants at both private and public hospitals including primary health centres under the jurisdiction of the department. This new initiative funded by USAID is aimed at delivering supported health services while focusing on curbing infant mortality, and ensuring healthy child growth while also providing nutrition supplements to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers with children up to age 2.

Health Secretary Palden Dhondup unveiled a sample kit during a brief ceremony held this morning at the Department of Health.

“This initiative is part of our effort to congratulate new mothers in the exiled community irrespective of their financial situation,” said Health Secretary Palden. He emphasised collective actions of the administration and community in reducing child mortality while also improving maternal health.

Mother and Child Program of Department of Health to distribute free baby care kits to newborn infants. Photo/Tenzin Phende/CTA.