Department of Health Provides Free Medical Service for Thousands of Devotees at Bodh Gaya

The Department of Health of the Central Tibetan Administration is undertaking free medical services for thousands of pilgrims gathered for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teaching at Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Health officials Tenzin Sonam and Khapsang speaking to patients at the Free Camp

Speaking exclusively to, Dr Lodoe Phuntsok said, “The free medical camp has been serving people of different nationalities with different diseases. The most common ailments are asthma, common cold, blood pressure and diabetes and skin disease,”.

“We receive more than 150 patients on daily basis,” Kapsang, Department of Health

The health official said that although the camp was scheduled to open on 5 January, but was delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.

“Since the opening, we have been successfully running the medical camp with over hundreds patients including many Tibetans from Tibet and patients who visit for check up daily,” Kapsang said.

The medical camp being organised by Department of Health will be open till 25 January 2018.

The camp is being managed by seven health officials: Tenzin Sonam and Kapsang from Department of Health, Dr. Lodoe Phuntsok from Mainpat, two nurses, one pharmacist from Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement and a


Doctor Lodoe Phuntsok attending to patients at the Free Medical Camp, Bodh Gaya, Bihar
Health officials attending to patients at the Free Medical Camp, Bodh Gaya, Bihar.