Department of Health Organizes Three-Day Training and Monitoring Event

From February 26 to 28, 2024, a comprehensive three-day training and monitoring event was organised throughout several healthcare facilities in the Dharamsala, Bir, and Chauntra settlements by the Department of Health’s HIS (Health Information Systems) desk. The event’s goal was to improve healthcare workers’ ability to use health information systems for better health monitoring, disease surveillance, and preventative measures.

Three schools—TCV Upper, Petoen, and Mussoorie Homes—will use the HIS system as part of a pilot initiative that aims to enhance future school-related health programmes and improve student wellbeing.

The prerequisites and training, delivered by technicians from HISP India, have already been finished at TCV Upper and Petoen School. TCV Upper clinic’s doctor, three nurses, and a nurse from Petoen School attended the training. In March the implementation of the requirement and training will be carried out at Mussoorie Homes.

Additionally, monitoring and training sessions were also conducted at TMAI Macleod, Bir, and Chauntra to strengthen the understanding and proficiency of utilizing health information systems among Tibetan medical practitioners. An open MRS refresher session was conducted at TPHC Bir to update healthcare personnel on the OpenMRS platform. It focused on enhancing skills and report generation. Similar monitoring and training activities were conducted at PHC Chauntra and PHC Tashijong.