Health Department Holds Yoga Camp for Tibetans in South India

The Department of Health, CTA has organized a “Yoga Camp Cum Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Campaign” at five highly populated Tibetan settlements in South India to take place from 1st to 31st May, 2018.

The yoga camp will be led by an experienced yoga and fitness trainer Ms. Tsering Yangzom. She has been a personal fitness trainer and yoga instructor since 2013, currently based in Delhi.

Yoga being a holistic practice that enhances strength, flexibility, and balance. It can be practiced in different intensities to suit all members of the public, including the elderly and sick. Yoga not only enhance physical fitness but also mental and emotional well-being through the relaxing environment it creates. The Department of Health therefore has endorsed the practice of yoga as it aligns with the Department’s goal of implementing preventive measures to improve community health.

With the initiation of the five-day yoga campaign across the Tibetan settlements in South India, the Department hopes to generate interest and motivation for pursuing a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

The Yoga Campaign will begin in Kollegal Settlement from 1st to 5th May and end in Mundgod in the last week of May. Below is the complete schedule of the campaign.

May 1st to 5th Kollegal Settlement
May 7th to 11th Hunsur Settlement
May 13th to 17th Bylakupee Delar
May 18th to 22nd Bylakupee Lugsum
May 25th to 29th Mundgod

Over the five-day yoga training, participants will be led through the major exercises of yoga breathing, mindfulness meditation, full body opening asanas, suryanamaskar, 4 main pranayama, as well as yoga for back pain, knee pain, and stiff neck.

Following the successful execution of the yoga campaign in South India, a similar project will be planned for the remaining settlements with the same goal of enhancing community health through preventive and proactive measures.

One Month yoga camp is funded by USAID via Tibet Fund.