Department of Health Marks World Hypertension Day

The Department of Health and its health centers across Tibetan settlements in India marked World Hypertension Day on 17 May 2024. The Department and Tibetan health centers initiated various programs, including desk to desk blood pressure measurement service and  awareness talks, to educate community members about hypertension and help control their blood pressure. Marking the day, the Department conducted desk to desk blood pressure measurement services for all staff of the Central Tibetan Administration. Following the measurements, one-on-one follow-up sessions were arranged for staff needing further attention to their blood pressure.  In the settlements, Tibetan hospitals and clinics conducted awareness programs on Hypertension. DTR Hospital conducted awareness programs at three locations within the Mundgod Tibetan settlement, including blood pressure measurements and talks highlighting the importance of regular exercise and healthy diet. Similarly, Tso Jhe Hospital in the Bylakuppe Tibetan settlement organised an interactive awareness talk emphasizing the  prevention ofhypertension and other lifestyle related diseases, encouraging community members to engage in physical activities. Tibetan hospitals in settlements such as Odisha,Bhandara and Mainpat also conducted similar awareness talks followed by blood pressure screenings. Additionally, blood pressure measurement events were held in Dharamshala, Ravangla and Gangtok, among other settlements.  In the Kollegal Tibetan settlement, field health staffof the DVT Hospital performed an informative role play about hypertension,covering health conditions, risk factors and prevention. Phende Hospital in theHunsur Tibetan settlement, in collaboration with Men-Tse Khang, organised an awareness talk at Dzongchoe monastery, focusing on the monastic community. The Health Information System (HIS) maintained by the Department revealed that Hypertension-related health conditions are among the leading causes of death in the exiled Tibetan community.The Health Department and Tibetan health centers have consistently initiated various hypertension control interventions, including awareness programs.