Department of Health Jointly with Gu Chu Sum Commemorate International Day in Support of Torture Victims

The Department of Health, CTA in collaboration with Guchu Sum (NGO of former political prisoners of Tibet and their families) held a photo exhibition commemorating the 22nd ‘International Day in support of the victims of torture’ at Lower TCV school.

The collective goal of both the Department of Health and Guchu Sum for organising the event is to educate people particularly the students about the abysmal suffering and atrocities committed by the Communist Chinese regime in the last 60 years right from when they invaded Tibet in 1950 and the harrowing episodes of violence and oppression that followed after the invasion to the present day.

Mr. Dawa Tashi, Vice President of Guchu Sum elaborating on the exhibition said, “It is essential that the students must be made aware of the oppression and atrocities suffered by the Tibetans in Tibet as these students are the promoter, protector, and future of our nation”.

The exhibition hall was filled with eager students who showed great enthusiasm for learning Tibet’s history of pre-Chinese invasion and post-Chinese occupation in Tibet.

A student remarked that she was extremely heartbroken to have actually seen the harrowing pictures of Chinese oppression in Tibet and said, ” Seeing the pictures of Tibetans being tortured and shot mercilessly by the Chinese regime made me sad and kept me wondering why Tibet of all the nations?”.

Likewise, many other students also expressed the willingness to commit and work towards the cause of Tibet.

Later in the day, a drawing competition was also organised where the students have to draw expressing their feelings and experience based on today’s event.