Department of Health initiates free Hep ‘B’ screening and treatment

Dharamshala: The Department of Health, CTA began the study of Hepatitis ‘B’ prevalence in the Tibetan community with the provision of free screening and treatment of Hep ‘B’ and ‘C’ for Tibetans located in Dharamsala from 13 January.

Lab Technicians from Delek hospital conduct Hep B screening at DoHe, taking blood sample


The aim and objective of this provision are to identify early diagnosis and treatment of Hep ‘B’ among the Tibetan community. About 850 people from various institutions and NGOs based in Dharamsala such as Sarah College, Library of Tibetan Work and Archive, Mentseekhang, Delek Hospital, Sambhota Head Office, Administrative Training and Welfare Society, Sherab Gyatseling, Tibet Times, TCCR, TCHRD, Tibet Express and Tibetan Handicraft Centre took part in the screening. Currently, the screening is taking place among CTA staff which includes all the seven departments and the Tibetan Parliament members. The screening will continue subsequently in other places.

Hep B screening at Sherab Gyaltseling
Hep B screening and survey at Norbulingka










The Department of Health encourages the public to take part in the free screening.

This prevalence study is made possible by PRM.