Department of Health distributes free SORIG Immune booster medicine to healthcare front liner battling the COVID-19 pandemic

Dharamshala: With the provision of SORIG Immune Booster medicine to those in quarantine and age above 65, Health Department of Central Tibetan Administration widens the initiative to provide SORIG immune booster medicine to all the frontline health workers in cities across India and volunteers battling COVID-19 given the risk they are exposed to.

As the Tibetan settlements across India are seeing a significant surge in COVID-19 cases, Health Kalon Choekyong Wangchuk has instructed to provide SORIG Immune Booster medicine to all the frontline workers as well as to all the individuals who are in quarantine as a preventive measure.

With the gradual resumption of postal services, the process of dispatching immune booster medicines abroad have begun to those Tibetans who are above 65 and having co-morbidities and frontline workers (volunteers, Nurses).

So far, 8599 individuals residing in India, Nepal, and Bhutan have been issued SORIG Immune booster, of which 1,097 are Tibetans in quarantine, 7,390 are Tibetans above 65 and 112 are Healthcare workers and volunteers.

SORIG immune booster was provided with the one-third of the cost being voluntarily contributed by Mentsee Khang.