Department of Health Convene Annual Health Meeting

The Annual Review Meeting or Training on Health Information System (HIS), Tuberculosis (TB), Comprehensive Community Outreach and Coordinated Care (CCOCC) began on 22 July and is to be held until the 28th of this month. The meeting is organized by the Department of Health and is funded by the USAID.

A total of 45 participants consisting of nurses and community health workers from all over India and Nepal attended the meeting at the Administrative Training and Welfare Society Center.

The opening ceremony was led by Health Kalon, Mr. Choekyong Wangchuk, who expressed his appreciation and stressed on the importance of the services that the Nurses and Community Health Workers provide to the society. He then detailed on the importance of the meeting cum training i.e HIS, TB, and CCOCC programs respectively.

“The HIS program”, Kalon Chokyong Wangchuk said “is instrumental in maintaining crucial data and plays a significant role in the formulation, planning, and implementation of the Department of Health’s
major programs”.

Kalon Chokyong Wangchuk went on to pinpoint that urgent, immediate and additional effort is required to end TB. Despite a significant decline in the number of cases, it is still one of the major diseases that
plagues the Tibetan society. Similarly, Kalon emphasized that the CCOCC program, which reaches out to communities on a one to one basis, maximizes the understanding and needs of the community with nurses and health workers providing doorstep health care that aims to help both facility and non-facility visitors including the vulnerable population of the community.

Kalon Chokyong Wangchuk then mentioned the upcoming ‘Sorig introductory orientation’ to be held on 29th July and urged the nurses and community health workers to also embrace holistic healing in their practice.

In the end, Kalon Chokyong Wangchuk urged the participants to take on a learning mindset and take an active part in all the brainstorming sessions. He further asked them to take this opportunity to clear any doubts or misconceptions and to continue their noble service with renewed motivation.

The trainers for HIS are Mr. Kanav Banta, Mr. Suresh Kumar, Mr. Subhash Chand, and trainers for TB will be Dr. Lobsang Tsering and for the CCOCC program, Dr. Lobsang Tsering and Mr. Vikas Dagur will be
the trainers.

The opening ceremony was concluded with a vote of thanks from the Joint Secretary of Health Department, Mrs. Tsering Youdon.