Department of Health boosts ambulance service in the Tibetan community

Kollegal DVTH staff with new ambulance

Dharamshala: The COVID 19 cases across India are on the daily spike and in order to enhance health services and prepare for worst-case scenarios arising out of the pandemic, DoHe has enhanced the ambulance services in the communities. 

Along with various initiatives, 3 new ambulances in Kollega, Mainpat, and Bir settlement were procured by the department to provide healthcare services during the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the Tibetan community.

Ambulance services have been provided in view of providing easy, uninterrupted, and quick transportation for patients during emergency. This involves transferring patients to treatment centers, quarantine centers, hospitals for the COVID test, and shifting of deceased to the cremation ground. All the ambulances are equipped with basic medical supplies, oxygen while drivers have been provided with proper gear including masks, sanitizers, and instructions related to cleanliness and sanitisation due to the pandemic.

As of now, a total of 14 DoHe health care facilities are providing ambulance services, which consist of all the 7 hospitals, 4 Primary health care centers, and 3  clinics remotely located with poor transport access,  while 6 clinics are availing the services with rental ambulance and others are using the settlement office vehicle for COVID emergencies.

The procurement of these 3 new ambulances was funded by the PRM.

TPHC staff with new ambulance
Mainpat TPHC staff with new ambulance