Department of Health appeals local banks in CTA premises to take precautionary measures, donates vital supplies

DoHe-staff with Canara Bank-Manager

ew of the recent cases of COVID-19 reported from a local bank in the CTA premises, the Department of Health, CTA expresses concerns for the safety of residents in the CTA premises and the customers visiting the local banks in the area. 

The staff of the Department today met with the managers of both banks and requested them to set a safe medium to deal with customers and further to set up foot operated sanitizer dispenser outside the banks & ATMs.

The department also made some contributions of face shields, masks, sanitizers, and a foot-operated sanitizer dispenser to ensure the safety of the customers. 

Items (To Canara Bank) Quantity
Face Shields 6
Masks 1 box
Hand Sanitizer 2
Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser 1
Items (To UCO Bank) Quantity
Face Shields 9
Masks 1 box
Hand Sanitizer 2
DoHe staff with UCO Bank-Manager and Staff