Dental Training for Dental Therapist

Group picture
TPHC Bir Executive Secreatry, Mr.Tsering, Taiwan Resource persons and the participants.

Department of Health, in collaboration with Taiwan-Health Co-Op Organization,Cathy’s General Hospital and Taiwan Dental Association organized a dental training for Dental Therapists at Tibetan Primary Health center at Bir from 20th to 31st July, 2015. The training was attended by 9 dental therapists from various health centers and schools.

The program is in accordance with the memorandum signed between Department of Health and the Training teams for duration of 3 years (April 2013 to August 2016).  Through this project, the department aims to improve the overall capacity of the dental care providers, so that they can meet the oral health needs of general population and the students. In the month of March 2015 and in December 2014 and July 2014 similar workshops has been provided to school nurses, health workers and dental therapists.