CTA’s Health Secretary Concludes Field Visit to Tibetan Settlements in Central and South India

Secretary Dawa Tsultrim of the Department of Health successfully concluded field assessment visits to central and southern Tibetan settlements from April 15th to May 3rd 2024. The visited settlements included Mundgod, Kollegal, Hunsur, Bylakuppe, Bhandara, Mainpat, Odisha and Delhi.

Secretary Dawa, accompanied by the department’s dealing officer Kunchok Dolma, conducted detailed monitoring and assessment of health project sites and health centres facilitated by the Health Department in Mundgod, Hunsur and Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlements. During visits to Tibetan settlements of Bhandara, Mainpat, Orissa and Delhi, dealing Officer Tenzin Chondhen joined Secretary Dawa Tsultrim.

The visit aimed to gather first-hand information on health services in the settlements, as well as to assess and monitor the health department’s supported infrastructure under the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project. Additionally, Secretary Dawa also visited Men-Tsee-Khang branches, Tibetan monasteries’ run health centres and other health centres,  including Indian local hospitals, where feasible. During the visit, Secretary Dawa inaugurated new health infrastructure, including a pharmacy, dressing room, ward and test lab, at the Tibetan Primary Health Center at Mainpat. He also inaugurated a new physiotherapy unit at Menlha Hospital in Phuntsokling Odisha Tibetan settlement.

During the visits, Secretary Dawa Tsultrim, joined by the respective settlement officers and executive secretaries of the health centers, held meetings along with the local health committee, Administrators of Tibetan monasteries’ run health centres in Bylakuppe and Mundgod and representatives from various stakeholders to discuss existing health services and challenges in delivering the quality services. Secretary Dawa emphasised the importance of a collective and comprehensive approach towards health care from all kinds of health centres in the settlements.