CTA releases COVID-19 Relief Package to the vulnerable group

Beneficiaries under the mental and disabled program.

Dharamshala: The Central Tibetan Administration has been providing continued support amidst the unprecedented Wuhan COVID 19 pandemic to serve the Tibetan community through comprehensive measures ranging from controlling the spread of the virus to supporting the basic needs of the most vulnerable sections.

The pandemic has not only affected the health systems but has also caused a grave burden to the social and economic system of the vulnerable group.

The Department of Health, CTA in order to address the need of these vulnerable populations during the pandemic allocated a sum of INR 35,87,220 relief package.

Through the relief package, a total of 265 vulnerable Tibetans under the health department have benefitted, which consist of 8 political prisoners, 4 leprosy patients, 135 patients with mental illness, 88 differently-abled people, and 30 people living with HIV/AIDS. 

The relief package includes a cash amount of INR 9000 handed over to each beneficiary through the settlement officer and a collection of personal hygiene and protective kits which comprises of masks, hand sanitizers, hand wash liquid, and soaps. Earlier some of the individuals from the above categories have received a package in cash from CTA through the department of home. As such, the department of health made sure that each beneficiary receives net cash not exceeding INR 9000.

The relief package for the vulnerable was funded by PRM.