Covid-19 emergency contact numbers of the respective Settlement Officers and Health facilities Executive Secretaries.

In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Central Government as well as the Himachal Pradesh State Government, the Central Tibetan Administration appeals to the Tibetans in Dharamshala and across India to strictly comply with the instructions of the concerned state authorities and keep stationed wherever you are during the 21 days lock down until further notice.

As the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in India is growing, the Department of Health, CTA has arranged list of contact numbers of the respective settlements, Executive secretaries in case of occurrence of any emergencies. The Department of Health recommends all the concerned officers and health workers to refer WHO, Mininstry of Health and family welfare and respective state Govt.’s guidelines in case of handling suspected or positive cases of Covid-19. Here are the links of the websites: World Health OrganisationMinistry of Health and family welfare

Contact Numbers of all the Settlement Officers, Delek Hospital doctor, SLF health coordinator and Executive Secretaries Name Name of the Settlement/School Designation Contact number   Email ID
1 Choephel Thupten Banglore South CRO 9945516443   [email protected]
2 Tseten Wangchuk Ladakh Ladakh CRO 9906049657   [email protected]
3 Tenzin Norbu Shimla Shimla CRO 9816256662   [email protected]
4 Thupten Tsering LTS TSO 8629000320   [email protected]
5 Lhakpa Tsering Mungod TSO 9113000508   [email protected]
6 Gelek Jungney Kollegal TSO 9886091488   [email protected]
7 Tsering Choezom TDL TSO 7018468157   [email protected]
8 Thupten Tsering Hunsur TSO 8415096112   [email protected]
9 Kunga Tsering Dharamsala TSO 9882275579   [email protected]
10 Dr Tsundue Delek Hospital Doctor 9882770828   …..
11 Choenor Samdup Odisha TSO 9777477082   [email protected]
12 Karma Gyaltsen Gyalphak Nepal Secretary cum TSO 9851019282   [email protected]
13 Norbu Dehradun TSO 8126681687   [email protected]
14 Mingyur Youdon Gangtok TSO 9816715742   [email protected]
15 Tenzin Chokden Miao TSO 9436632083   [email protected]
16 Tenzin Nordhen Darjeeling TSO 8967918915   [email protected]
17 Ngawang Chokdup Choejor, Nepal TSO 9845748205   [email protected]
18 Migmar Tashi Mainpat TSO 7018338496   [email protected]
19 Dhundup Gyalpo Bandhara TSO 7499096657   [email protected]
20 Yangdup Bomdila & Tenzigang TSO 9612530225   [email protected]
21 Dhundup Sangpo Tezu TSO 9366791804   [email protected]
22 Tenzin Nawang Kullu TSO 7018506154   [email protected]
23 Phuntsok Topgyal Delhi TSO 8259931182   [email protected]
24 Tenzin Dadon Kabug TSO 8219105370   [email protected]
25 Tenzin Yangzom Sonada TSO 9958554653   [email protected]
26 Dorjee Gyalpo Bhutan TSO 81455386011   [email protected]
27 Donkhang Wangyal Puruwala TSO 8219379901   [email protected]
28 Dorjee Tsering Ravangla TSO 7557856464   [email protected]
29 Dorjee Rigzin Jawakhel, Nepal TSO 9808664013   [email protected]
30 Jampa Dhondup Shar khambu, Nepal TSO 97714419903   [email protected]
31 Karma Soepa Thinley Tashi Pakhiel, Nepal TSO 9814126235   [email protected]
32 Passang Wangdu Lodhik, Nepal TSO 9806652191   [email protected]
33 Pema Dhundup Shillong TSO 8787831247   [email protected]
34 Ngawang Lekdup Bir Dhege SO Representative 8894265130   [email protected]
35 Dolma Tsering BTS TSO 8894015605   [email protected]
36 Pema Youdon Chauntara TSO 9882309941   [email protected]
37 Rabten Tsering Dalhousie TSO 8352879181   [email protected]
38 Gelek Jamyang Poanta TSO 8219536254   [email protected]
39 Thupten Chophel Kamrao TSO 8730038354   [email protected]
40 Tenzin Lhakyi Sataun TSO 7015829099   [email protected]
41 Loden Nyima Dholanji TSO 9817587172   [email protected]
42 Tenzin Namgyal Mandi TSO 7018253387   [email protected]
43 Tenzin Dorjee Herbertpur TSO 7500404976   [email protected]
44 RinzinChoetso Herbertpur TSO Office assistant 7783869353   [email protected]
45 Tenzin Kunga Pokhara Tashiling, Nepal TSO 9804158791   [email protected]
46 Rinzin Dorjee Tuting TSO 7085867437   [email protected]
47 Masood Bhatt Srinagar coordinator 8803433521  
48 Tenzin Choedon SLF Nepal SLFHealth coordinator 9803688212   [email protected]
49 Karma thinley Mainpat Executive Secretary 9340960453   [email protected]
50 Rigzin Namgyal Tsojhe Executive Secretary 7259108244   [email protected]
51 Tenzin Lhawang Odisha Executive Secretary 7682007714   [email protected]
52 Sonam Yougyal Hunsur Executive Secretary 7760896991   [email protected]
53 Tenzin Phuntsok Bandhara Executive Secretary 8310589979   [email protected]
54 Tenzin Lhawang Miao Executive Secretary 9862908262   [email protected]
55 Lobsang Tsomo Dekyiling Executive Secretary 8126064752   [email protected]
56 Migmar Tsering Kollegal Executive Secretary 9008225073   [email protected]
57 Ngodup Wangdue Bir Executive Secretary 9418676377   [email protected]
58 Karma Gedhen Ladakh Executive Secretary 9419887692/9622964016   [email protected]
59 Ngawang Thupten Mundgod Executive Secretary 9986935018   [email protected]