Community Health Need Assessment conducted in Nepal Tibetan Settlements

A series of health need assessments were carried out by Snow Lion Foundation (SLF), Nepal from 18 th to 25th of October, 2022 under the guidance of the Department of Health CTA. Mrs. Tenzin Choedon, the SLF’s health officer, participated in a virtual orientation session on conducting community health needs assessments on October 13 that was led by Mr. Tsering, the health department’s project officer.

The primary goal of the health need assessment was to identify the settlement’s health needs by conversing with and visiting the residents, and then to prioritise projects for the next three years. The community health need assessment was thoroughly discussed by the SLF Executive Secretary, Administrator, and SLF Health Officer to ensure its success.

The community’s requirements were assessed by a team that included the SLF Health Officer Mrs. Tenzin Choedon, SLF WASH Coordinator Mr. Tenzin Tenpa and Nurse Chime Youdon. A variety of Tibetan monasteries, settlement offices, clinics, hospitals, and schools were visited for the assessment. The team also gathered grievances and information about the community’s basic requirements to be reported to the Central Tibetan Administration. During this visit, the team assessed how well the Department of Health’s services met community needs.

SLF has conducted the assessment on the following dates:

  1. Oct 18th, 2022-Samdupling Settlement.
  2. Oct 19th, 2022-Gyalphak and Shawara settlement.
  3. Oct 21st, 2022-Tashi Palkhiel settlement, Tserok and Dorpatan.
  4. Oct 22nd, 2022-Lodrik Settlement.
  5. Oct 23rd, 2022-Tashiling Settlement, Manang and Tsum.
  6. Oct 25th, 2022- Choejor Settlement.

In addition to determining the needs of the community, the team was able to disseminate information about various CTA public health initiatives and services that are offered to settlement residents to promote their health. Due to the unpredictable weather, the team was unable to visit some remote locations. However, they made every effort to learn about the health requirements of those residents through one-on-one interviews with settlement officers and representatives.

Need assessment in Paljorling settlement
Need assessment in Gyalphak Settlement Office.
Need assessment in Boudha clinic