Collective responsibility and efforts the only way forward to fight deadly 2nd wave

CTA’s 57th COVID-19 Task Force Briefing. Photo: Screengrab

Dharamshala: The turnover of 3 lakh new cases and increasing fatalities in India just in the last 24 hours speaks the gravity of the situation in the country. The sudden rise in cases is indefinitely shrinking the health care resources in India with people now taking to social media for oxygen beds and other resources.

The deadly second wave widely leaves India’s health care systems overwhelmed with resources being overstretched. Shortly after the first wave, instead of adhering strictly to the covid safety precautions, people have taken a more relaxed approach which fueled the tsunami of new cases in the second wave.

Addressing the 57th covid briefing, Deputy Secretary of Health Department, Tsering made a fervent appeal to the people to stay put and restrict unnecessary traveling especially those living in the worst-hit covid states including Delhi, Karnataka, U.P, and Tamil Nadu, etc. He cautioned them to abide by the lockdown norms imposed by the respective state governments.

As spiraling cases are also reported from the Tibetan communities inhabited in these states, the Central Tibetan Administration has consecutively alerted people to prohibit gatherings of any sort.

Unlike the first coronavirus wave, the second wave is found to have much more drastic effects given the unprecedented speed of transmission. Also, the second wave is said to be predominantly transmitted through the air as per the conclusions of the assessment by Lancet, thus, double masking and gloves usage is found to provide extra barriers against the new variants.

“It’s only common that everybody in some way is affected by the pandemic stress and those infected are psychologically the most affected ones, however, it is highly advisable not to panic as most of the cases are treatable at home through certain care measures”, he added while emphatically urging people not to let the guards down.

The monasteries and institutions are especially cautioned and they are advised to avail isolation rooms for unforeseen situations. Also, given the efficacy and safety of the vaccines, Tibetans are urged to get the vaccines in order to bring the normality back.

As the cases in India are skyrocketing recording a new global high for cases each day, the Tibetan communities are no safer against the deadly pathogen. 352 Tibetans are tested positive this week alone according to the report of CTA Covid-19 Response Committee. The oldest among them being 86 and the youngest being a 1-year-old infant. Unfortunately, 3 died this week succumbing to the virus. Overall active cases of the Tibetan communities in India and Nepal now stand at 677.

Addressing the increasing cases and rapid progression of symptoms, Dr Tsamchoe observed utmost precaution in the daily activities while strictly adhering to the covid safety norms. Dispersing the myth related to the covid vaccine, Dr Tsamchoe emphasised the importance of getting vaccinated.

15,457 Tibetans so far have been vaccinated. Those requiring to get the second shot are urged not to delay given the scarcity of the vaccines reported in some states.

She also enumerated the benefits of SORIG immune boosters and announced that the non-Tibetan patients can also avail themselves of free SORIG immune boosters.

“The administration and committee are working around the clock to provide needed support and aid but we alone cannot win this battle without your cooperation”, said Dr Tsamchoe urging the public to unite their strength and potential.

As the new variant is found to be more transmissible affecting the higher proportion of the younger population, the Central government has announced the onset of registration for 18 and above eligible. And joining the desperate appeal of health practitioners, Dr Namdol requested people to get the covid jab as soon as possible stating the large benefits of the vaccine in conquering the rising cases.

She also alerted people against the spreading of false claims and myths of vaccines.