Department holds Awareness campaign on cervical cancer prevention at Dharamsala

Women signing up for the free PAP test after the health talk at Nyatri Hall
Women signing up for the free PAP test after the health talk at Nyatri Hall, Dharamsala.

The Department organised a series of health talks on cervical cancer in and around Gangkyi and Mcleod Ganj. The talk is aimed at creating more awareness among Tibetan women about cervical cancer and the importance of taking the smear test.

Following the awareness campaign, a list of women who are interested to take PAP smear test will be collected and depending on the number of women on the list, further planning on a free PAP smear test will be carried out.

Similar programs had been carried out in Tibetan settlements in Bylakuppe, Hunsur, Kollegal, Dekyilling, Bir, Paonta, Miao, Tezu, Tenzinghang, Ravangla, Odhisha, and Mainpat through PRM and SOIR IM funding. The Gynecology visit funded by NCA has also played a big role in reaching out to the Tibetan women through monthly check up provided under the program.

“The health department believes that such programs will empower Tibetan women to know more about reproductive diseases in general and especially about reproductive cancers. This is turn can save many lives and families through early diagnosis and preventive measures.

The awareness campaign is funded by SOIR -IM.