Around 750 Tibetans tested for COVID-19

COVID-19 testing upon return from Shillong at COVID-19 civil hospital

Dharamshala: In order to safeguard our Tibetan community, around 750 Tibetans were tested for COVID-19 with the generous support of the Indian government through district-level health centres. Till date, the percentage of positive cases in the Tibetan community in India falls around 2.9 percent out of 750 tests.

The total number of cases in the Tibetan community is 22 out of which 13 cases are active, 7 have recovered and 2 have died.

The 13 active cases reported are: three from Majnukatilla Delhi, nine from Sonamling settlement, Ladakh and one from Mundgod settlement. These people are actively monitored by the DoHe taskforce members and their health conditions are stated to be stable.

Since India entered unlock phase-1, the daily number of COVID-19 positive cases are on the rise. Thus CTA has been urging all the Tibetans to avoid unnecessary travel unless of great emergency and has directed all the Tibetan settlement officers to arrange COVID-19 test for those in quarantine through the respective district COVID test centres.

In order to strengthen the immune system of those in quarantine, SORIG immune booster is being provided while receiving positive response from many of the beneficiaries.

Majority of the positive cases reported were said to have recent travel history from Delhi.

The national capital, Delhi is amongst the worst-hit areas in India thus Tibetans are repeatedly requested to avoid transit through Delhi in order to curb the spread of novel coronavirus across Tibetan settlements.

Although the prevalence of COVID -19 in Tibetan community are fewer compared to the cases in India. CTA calls for individual action to continued practice of preventive measures adhering to CTA and respective State COVID-19 guidelines.

COVID-19 testing at Sherab Gatseling quarantine centre.
COVID-19 testing upon return from Shillong at COVID-19 civil hospital.
COVID-19 testing at Miao quarantine centre.
COVID-19 testing at Mainpat quarantine centre.
COVID-19 testing at Shugsep, Dharamsala quarantine centre.
District health centre team at Dalhousie quarantine centre for COVID-19 testing.