Anti Rabies Vaccination Drive on World Rabies Day

Dharamshala: The Department of Health, CTA organized an anti-rabies vaccination campaign on September 28, 2023 World Rabies Day, in Tibetan Settlements.

The number of stray dogs in the settlement areas is increasing, leading to animal-related problems like dog bites. Our focus was on vaccinating the strays since they are not owned by anyone and are neglected and untreated. The aim was to prevent and control the spread of rabies, a fatal disease that can be transmitted to humans in the community.

We are grateful for the joint efforts of the local veterinary staff, settlement office, Tibetan primary health care staff, and volunteers in making the campaign a success. The vaccination drive was held in 17 settlements, including Bylakuppe, Mundgod, Dekyiling, Bir, Chauntra, Ladakh, Kalimpong, Bhandara, Poanta, Kullu and Manali, Pondoh, Sataun, Kamrao, Lakhanwala and Kheracamp, Clementown, Ravangla, Mandi, and Tso Pema.

Tibetan Administrative Welfare Society, CTA provided the funding for the program.