A Biannual Follow-up tests on Heptatitis B Patients

Dharmashala: The Department of Health, CTA with funding from PRM, US conducted biannual follow-up tests on Hepatitis B-positive patients in Dharamshala on 5th and 6th December 2022. Those who were Hepatitis positive and are on Anti-viral medication were screened twice a year to detect and check the severity and improvement of the case. Those who were not on treatment were screened once a year. A similar program is being carried out in 23 Tibetan Settlements under the guidance of the department. Considering the importance of regular medical evaluation every 6-12 months to assess the liver health and need for antiviral therapy in the Hepatitis B positive patients, the Department took the initiative to test all the patients with Hepatitis B since the start of this program.

List of Tests conducted for Hep B patients are :

    1. CBC (Complete Blood Count)
    2. LFT (Liver Function Test)
    3. HBV DNA (Viral Load)
    4. Serum Creatinine
    5. Alpha Fero Protein (AFP)
    6. Ultrasound

Currently, it is in the fourth phase of the screening and vaccination campaign. The data compiled in the 3 different phases are being analyzed and evaluated by our experts and will publish a Hep B prevalence and status report for our exile community soon.

Biannual follow up tests to Hepatitis B patients in Dharamshala
Biannual follow up tests to Hepatitis B patients in Dharamshala