80th Taskforce Briefing: Covid Taskforce Committee Advises People to Avoid Crowds during Upcoming Festivals

Dr Tenzin Namdol (left) and Amchi Tsering Tsamchoe

Dharamshala: Speaking at the 80th weekly Covid-19 Taskforce briefing, Amchi Tsering Tsamchoe of the Central Taskforce Committee updated the Covid status of the last seven days. According to the Taskforce committee’s report gathered from twelve Tibetan settlements in India and one in Nepal, the quarantine status of Tibetans dwindled to 342 in total, out of which 111 are under home quarantine while 231 are in institutional quarantine.

Sorig immune boosters disbursed thus far amount to 52,966 units, from which, 19,000 immune boosters were distributed to quarantine centres and 14,000 to below 17 years old. The Mental health section has counselled 15 Tibetans during this week.

The Taskforce committee tested 381 Tibetans in India across 16 settlements and 3 Tibetans in Nepal, making it 384 Tibetans tested during the past seven days.

As per the reports drawn by the Taskforce committee, 93.60% of the total Tibetans eligible for vaccination in India are vaccinated, of which 39,124 are fully vaccinated and 11,926 are inoculated with the first jab. In the case of Nepal, 3,666 Tibetans have received both jabs while 534 have received only the first dose, making it 51.41% of eligible Tibetans in Nepal vaccinated.

The Taskforce Committee reported 81 new cases of Covid 19 consisting of 61 males and 20 females. The eldest among them is 93 years while the youngest was 4 years old. The number of death reported is one.

Up until now, the total number of reported cases in the Tibetan Community in India and Nepal is 6601, among which 6291 are recovered and 159 reported active cases while 151 are declared deceased.

Amchi Tsering Tsamchoe addressed the report of the recent visits made by the secretary of the Health Department. As head of the Covid Taskforce, Health Secretary Palden Dhondup assessed the preparedness for a prospective third wave in the settlements of Uttarakhand after his attendance at the inaugural ceremony of the 26th Gyalyum Chenmo Memorial (GCM) Gold Cup.

Amchi Tsamchoe detailed the benefits of Tibetan herbal medicines and also urged to resort to modern medical care in the case of Covid. She also instructed Tibetans to adhere firmly to the Covid protocols to protect themselves during the ongoing GCMGC tournament and upcoming Hindu festivals.

Dr Tenzin Namdol spoke about the decrease in Covid cases around the globe but instructed Tibetans to avoid crowds in the upcoming festivals. She urged the public to continue practicing the Covid precautionary measures and also explained the benefits of inoculation.