79th Task Force Briefing: Taskforce alert school administrators to remain attentive amidst reopening

Dr Tsamchoe addressing the 79th briefing.

Dharamshala: Addressing the 79th COVID-briefing, Amchi Tsering Tsamchoe updated the Covid status of the past seven days. As per the data received by the committee, the quarantine status of Tibetans gathered from ten Tibetan settlements in India and two in Nepal stands at 645, out of which 254 are in home quarantine and 391 in institutional quarantine.

Sorig immune boosters totalling 52,883 units have been handed out while the Mental health section has counselled 40 Tibetans via phone call.

Under the ongoing immunisation drive, 93.21% of the total Tibetans eligible for vaccination in India are vaccinated, of which 37,356 are fully vaccinated and 13,478 are inoculated with the first jab. In the case of Nepal, 3,191 Tibetans have received both jabs while 533 have received only the first dose, making it 45.59% of eligible Tibetans in Nepal that have been vaccinated.

With the surge of Covid cases in past two weeks among Tibetans in India along with partial re-opening of Tibetan schools, the Task Force tested 1,342 Tibetans in India, and 4 Tibetans in Nepal totalling 1346 people.

On behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration, Amchi Tsamchoe thanked all the sponsors for enabling the Central Taskforce committee and Settlement committees to efficiently carry out their efforts in battling Covid.

The states of the total number of new covid cases stand at 102 in India of which, 69 are male and 33 female. The eldest among them is aged 82 while the youngest being 1 year old. Fortunately, there has been no death in the last week.

As per the data prepared by the committee, the total number of reported cases so far in the exile Tibetan community is 6,520 with 6196 recoveries, 150 death, and 174 active cases. The majority of cases are reported from Dharamshala, Bylakuppe and recent new cases reported from Mundgod.

Since the Tibetan schools in India, mostly in Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh, are in process of opening, there would be a high possibility of infection due to the atmosphere of classrooms and dining halls. The Central Taskforce offers its guidance and support towards schools as well as recommends schools to form a proper committee responsible for looking after the covid related issues in the respective institution.

The covid relief after the peak of the second wave benumbed peoples carelessness and so, the Taskforce requests and advises every institution, settlement, and organisation to strictly follow the protocol as well as remain well prepared for crises in future.

Due to the recent spike in covid cases in Dharamshala, Dr Tsundue urged the public to take necessary precautionary measures and especially stressed wearing masks. He said that except for one individual, the rest of them are in stable condition.
As per the data, around 1300 people are yet to administer the 1st dose. Therefore, he urged the public to get vaccinated and also requested the public to create awareness to the unvaccinated individuals within their locality about the positive effects of the covid vaccination.
Those who are facing difficulties in getting vaccination are asked to reach their respective settlement offices and nearby hospitals for assistance.
Addressing India’s covid status, he informed that Himachal and Kerala have seen a surge in covid cases, however, the cases pan Indian is relatively stable.
He requested the Tibetan winter sweater sellers to maintain and abide by the covid precautionary measures within the market area. Likewise, they can contact the health department if they require covid precautionary stickers.