32nd COVID-19 Briefing: 87 new cases this week, 464 active cases, 544 recoveries

Tenzin Kunsang, Deputy Secretary, Health Department. Image: Screengrab

Dharamshala: The Tibetan community in India and Nepal reported 87 new cases over the past week indicating a sustained reduction in the cases compared to the week earlier.

Addressing the 32nd COVID-19 briefing, Dr. Tsamchoe said the highest number of cases once again were reported from Mundgod with 34 cases, followed by Ladakh with 24 cases, Bylakuppe with 15 cases, Delhi with 4 cases, Chauntra with 3 cases, Dharamshala and Mainpat with 2 cases each, and Dehradun with 1 case.

Of the toal cases this week, the eldest is aged 91 and the youngest at 2, with 57 males to 30 females. 52 of the total revealed to have mild/moderate symptoms while 35 were asymptomatic. However, this week, a 57-year-old male from Chauntra passed away.

Overall, 1031 cases were reported, 23 deaths, 464 active cases, and 544 people have recuperated from Covid-19.

Deputy Secretary of Health Department, Tenzin Kunsang issued public appeals for following precautionary practices despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. “All must abide by the guidelines Health department has issued. Everyone has to be cautious despite the lifting of restrictions. The death count has risen and our community must take it seriously. In addition to avoiding large gatherings, the public is advised to wear masks at all times in public settings.”

In the case of individuals with suspected covid infection, they must cooperate with the authority in immediate contact tracing for timely treatment. Transparency from the suspected individuals is strongly urged and meanwhile, people are warned against falling victim to rumor and fear-mongering in social media and advised visiting the official health website for accurate information.

Updating on the routine prevention and containment measures undertaken by the task force, Dr. Tsamchoe apprised that a total of 1055 are in quarantine out of which 426 are at-home quarantine and 629 are at the CTA facilitated quarantine center.

Regarding screening status, Dr Tsamchoe reported that the committee has conducted a health screening of around 1710 people in and around the Gangkyi area. Revealing most to be asymptomatic, a few people with high fever stabilized after a day or two.

SORIG immune boosters have been distributed to around 4611 people at the quarantine and around 8725 elderly have received immune boosters free of cost. Likewise, people with comorbidities, 1881 frontline workers, Tibetan communities based abroad totaling 2811 also recieved the immune boosters.. In total, up to now, around 21 668 SORIG immune boosters have been distributed.

25 people with Covid received counseling from the administration’s mental health helpline this week.

Data committee constituting of settlement emergency committee in coordination with district COVID-centre has tested 1024 Tibetans in India this week and total number of 299 Tibetans in Nepal till date. The Department of Health compiled the data from branch hospitals of 32 settlements including settlements in Nepal.

The Health education committee has been raising covid related awareness across the communities in India and Nepal and to date, they have released 8 short docu-series to educate the mass on preventive measures and also against the social stigma associated with COVID-19.

Routine sanitizations are ongoing across settlements as per the Health Department’s directive by emergency committees, organisations, and monasteries weekly, especially at the sites of the outbreak and the vicinity.

Dr. Tsamchoe repeated her guidance on precautionary practices based on the SORIG system, saying all the guidance from western perspective and traditional system address diet and behavior corrections.

She urged testing early for quick recovery and preventing spread highlighting individual responsibility.

Dr Tsering Tsamchoe addressing the routine 32nd COVID-19 briefing. Image: Screengrab