3 Tibetans in Ladakh tested positive for COVID-19

Dharamsala: As the lockdown in India is getting lifted in phases with more freedom in movement, the number of people getting infected with COVID-19 is also surging.

On 9th, June 2020, three Tibetans in Ladakh tested positive for COVID-19 and were immediately admitted to the district hospital with the aid from district CMO, deputy CMO, Tahsildar, Tibetan Settlement Officer and Secretary of branch Tibetan health center. All the people who came in contact with COVID-19 positive are currently kept in the containment area. Tibetan Settlement Officer and  Executive secretary of the branch Tibetan health center are constantly monitoring the situation.

As of now, the only cure for COVID-19 is prevention. So as constant appeal made by CTA, Tibetans should take all the precautionary measures to protect themselves as well as others.