2nd Basketball tournament against Tuberculosis at Mundgod Tibetan Settlement

Mundgod: Department of Health, with support from DYSA, has organised 2nd Basketball tournament against Tuberculosis(T.B) at Mundgod Tibetan settlement from 19 to 24 February 2019 with the kind funding from HHDLCT. There are a total of 8 teams from different settlements participating in this year’s tournament.

The tournament began with an inauguration ceremony attended by the chief guest for the program Amruth Joshi, President of Bharat Tibet Sayog Manch & National Co-convener for South region. Other guests include Mundgod settlement officer, dignitaries from CTA, members of the local assembly, monasteries administrators, camp leaders and abbots of different monasteries.

Inauguration ceremony started with March-past by teams led by S.T.S. Mundgod school band followed by the singing of Tibetan and Indian national anthem. A minute mourn has been observed as solidarity for Tibetan martyrs and for the soldiers who recently lost their lives in a tragic incident in Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir.

Settlement officer Lhakpa Tsering gave welcome and introductory speech where he specifically focussed on unity through sports and promotion of health among youngsters which could eventually help in bringing a healthier Tibetan community. He also requested players to be at their best and wished them good luck for the tournament.

The chief guest for the event Amruth Joshi, in his speech, thanked and congratulated the Health Department, CTA for successfully organising such events to fight against T.B. By referring to Prime Minister of India’s statement “Khele ga India toh Kheele ga India” he said that the same goes with Tibetan community “Khele ga to Kheele ga”.

The final speaker for the ceremony was Dr Kelsang Chodon from DTR Hospital, where she briefly explained the current status of T.B. with a special focus on Zero T.B. initiation of Govt of India and the United Nation. She also explained about the initiation taken by the Department of Health in fighting against T.B. and the importance of getting tested for T.B. if one has T.B related symptoms.

After the opening ceremony on the first day, 1st match was played between Ladakh Sonamling team and Clementown Dhondupling team in which Ladakh outscored Clementon in last minute of the game.
2nd match was played between last year’s winning team Lugsum Samdupling, Bylakuppe and Dekyi larso, Bylakuppe where later team unexpectedly won.

There are 2 pools in the tournament where teams in each pool will play a league match, and 2 teams from each pool will qualify for the semifinal match. The final match will be played on 24 February 2019. May the best team win and may the objective of the tournament to spread awareness on Tuberculosis be achieved successfully.