18 Tibetans under quarantine at Shugsep test Negative for COVID-19

Swab samples of Tibetans at Shugsep quarantine centre being taken

Dharamshala: The first batch of 18 Tibetan returnees’ undergoing quarantine at Shugsep facility at Dharamshala tested negative on 29 May 2020. Through the Kangra district health department, COVID tests for the Tibetans under quarantine was made possible.

Shugsep centre located in the midst of forest near Delek hospital was arranged as a quarantine centre for home comers to Dharamshala beside the facility at Nelenkhang by Department of Health, CTA.

As of today, 7 Tibetans have completed their quarantine at the centre while 18 are still under quarantine at Shugsep facility. As a preventive measure, Health screening is conducted to all the people upon their arrival and should undergo mandatory quarantine for 28-day: 14-day community quarantine and 14-day home quarantine.

The arrangement for quarantine centre was made possible through community leaders and volunteers led by local health coordinator chairman cum settlement officer Kunga Tsering under the guidance of CTA.

Due to the unmotorable location of Shugsep, essential commodities like dry ration, necessary utilities and furniture were hauled in by the volunteers led by the Settlement Officer.

As advised by the Health Kalon, “Self-isolation is the best medicine until and unless medication or vaccine to cure COVID-19 is available”.

Tibetan returnees from Red zone areas are instructed quarantine at the State’s institutional quarantine centre at Kangra while those from Green and Orange zones are admitted at the quarantine centers arranged by Department of Health.

Tibetans at the community quarantine centers are monitored daily. They are also provided with SORIG Immune boosters. Taking into consideration the importance of their mental health, the Mental Health Committee of the Department of Health regularly provides counseling via phone calls.

Volunteers led by the settlement officer hauling in essential commodities including dry ration, necessary utilities and furniture to Shugsep quarantine center
Additional Sec. Jampa Phuntsok and health staffs distributing SORIG immune boosters to those at quarantine