Health Department Provides Free Eye Screening and Cataract Surgery in Odisha and North East Settlements

The Department of Health offered a free eye camp in Odisha and the North East Tibetan Settlements including Tenzingang, Tuting, Miao, and Tezu from November 14 to November 21. Free eye exams, consultations with specialists, cataract operations, and complimentary eyewear were among the services offered.

Menlha Hospital Odisha collaborated with Naitrika Super Specialty Eye Care under the supervision of the eye specialists Dr. Aswini Kumar Behera., The entire programme of cataract surgery and eye screening in Odisha was conducted from October 14 to November 21. Out of the total 131 participants, 37 had mature and immature cataracts, and 10 had pterygium. However, 33 patients chose to have surgery and they received instructions on post-operative care as well as meals on the day of the procedure.

Similarly, North East Zone collaborated with Drishti Netralaya eye center and TPHC Miao from November 1 to November 16. Free goggles were given to 404 people, 187 people received free care for common eye problems, and 47 people received free cataract and other eye surgeries.

Thanks to the generous funding from the Tibet Fund, the programme was a success.