Negative test report mandatory for foreign visitors travelling to India

82nd Covid-19 Task Force Briefing. Photo: Screengrab

Dharamshala: Speaking at the 82nd weekly Covid Taskforce briefing, Amchi Tsering Tsamchoe of the Central Taskforce Committee updated the Covid status of the past week. According to the data collected by the Taskforce committee from eleven Tibetan settlements in India and Nepal, the quarantine status of Tibetans dwindled to 249 in total, out of which 98 are under home quarantine while 151 are in institutional quarantine.

The weekly covid testing of the Tibetans in India and Nepal is 623 out of which Dr Tsamchoe reported 36 new cases, among which 29 are male and the rest female. The eldest patient among them is 88 years old, while the youngest is 12 years old. Unfortunately, one death from covid is reported this week.

The vaccination status of Tibetans in India stands at 41,081 of them fully vaccinated, while 10,397 are partially vaccinated. As for Nepal’s status, 6,697 Tibetans are fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, the first dose received is 51, making Nepal’s percentage of eligible Tibetans vaccinated 82.60.

Since the emergence of Covid, the total number of Tibetans infected counts to 6,704, from which 6,494 have recovered, and 153 are pronounced dead. Active cases in settlements of India and Nepal are 57 which are mainly concentrated in Mundgod, Bylakuppee and Dharamshala.

Amchi Tsamchoe insisted on maintaining the covid protocols amidst the opening of institutions and businesses since the restrictions in India has relieved seeing its progress in coping with the virus. However, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India has introduced Guidelines for International Arrivals on their official website for those visiting India.

As winter approaches, Amchi Tsamchoe warned of the possibility of catching the flu. She reminded adopting a balanced diet. She also recommended a vast range of healthy and nutritious diets such as high fibre rich food and nuts and meanwhile, she instructed on avoiding excessive intake of sugar, salt and fat in order to dodge the negative consequences in health.

Dr Tenzin Namdol encouraged mass vaccination at the earliest stating the need to stabilise the covid situation in India as a slight increase in case was reported this week.

“In general, the covid situation is improving. However, in certain states, cases are rising. Hence, everyone is advised to take the necessary precautions as before. Moreover, people are requested to be extra cautious during the Indian festivities” said Dr Namdol.

She emphasised utmost priority to wearing masks, sanitization and maintaining social distance. Along with that, people are advised to refrain from attending large gatherings.

In India, as educational institutions are gradually opening and likewise the Tibetan schools, there is a greater risk of spreading at a faster rate.  Therefore, the residents are urged to take necessary preventive measures and furthermore to take the covid test without any negligence. School authorities are also urged to prepare quarantine spaces as a precautionary measure.