12th International Short Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine Training

12th International Short Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine Training was organized at CMC Vellore from 19th November to 1st December 2018. The workshop was attended by Dr. Rinzin Chodon from Tso Jhe Hospital, Bylakuppe. She had the opportunity to participate in such a valuable course especially on tropical diseases prevalent in various parts of the world and its great learning platform.

They have covered the different tropical diseases like Malaria, Protozoan infections, Hemorrhagic viral infection, Tuberculosis, Neuropic viruses, Bacterial diseases, Helminth infections, Cestodes and Trematodes, Dengue, Typhoid, HIV/AIDS, Melioidosis, Neurological syndromes, Clinical Vignette, Entomology in tropical disease, snake bites and Leprosy. They also visited leprosy center and RNTCP Center.

There are participants from India, Norway, Canada and UK. Most of them were specialist on infectious diseases and microbiologist. They also had lab classes during which they taught various technique to diagnose a disease and at afternoon they had a clinical class in which we were given case and discussed about its etiology, parthenogenesis and treatment.

She is very much glad to be part of this session and thankful for the great opportunity to learn, explore and experience the bedside clinics. The workshop was really effective and also applicable on day to day basis at the respective hospital.