The Department of Health and Tibetan YouTuber Mr. Kalsang Tashi, also known as Bhuchung Kata, collaborated to create a video titled “Pausing the Scrolls, Unraveling the Social Dilemma.” The purpose of this video is to raise awareness about the issue of excessive screen time in the community. Excessive screen time refers to spending more time on screens than is recommended for an individual’s age, lifestyle, and responsibilities.

In the video, Bhuchung Kata interviews a variety of individuals and professionals to gather their perspectives on the topic. The video discusses numerous problems associated with excessive screen time, such as eye strain, sleep deprivation, increased stress and anxiety, social isolation, depression, and physical inactivity. Furthermore, excessive screen time can negatively impact one’s academic and work performance. The video also suggests ways to mitigate these problems, including establishing healthy screen time limits, taking regular breaks, and engaging in physical activities. The interviewees share their personal experiences and strategies for reducing screen time.

You can view the video in the link here