Tibetan Medicare System (TMS)

It is a holistic secondary and tertiary health care (hospital care) coverage for all Tibetans living in exile under the responsibility of Tibetan Voluntary Health Association (TVHA), registered under the Societies Act 1860. The system is built on Public Private Partnership model and creates a health fund across the entire Tibetan exile community. It will provide equitable and comprehensive health care coverage on yearly basis designed to serve the health care needs of the entire Tibetan exile community by creating a more sustainable financing source. TMS is a non-profit and charitable programme that improves public health and well-being of the Tibetan community in-exile significantly through access to quality secondary and tertiary healthcare, while reducing financial insecurity and hardship associated with treatment of catastrophic conditions and hospitalization. TMS will contribute towards a holistic preventive and curative system integrating both ‘SORIG’, the Tibetan traditional herbal medicine, and allopathic medicine system in order to deliver effective and efficient health care services tailored to the needs of the Tibetan community in-exile.

Why do we need it?  It will provide financial security to the families and individuals when they face serious health problems   •Tibetan Medicare System is a non-profit and charitable programme intended to improve the health care services of the Tibetan community in-exile.   •It will provide equitable and comprehensive health care coverage to families and individuals who are enrolled in this system •CTA will not provide any other subsidy for health after this scheme starts.

How to enrol? You can enrol at the hospital or the health care centre of the Department of Health, CTA, TMS CARDin your settlement. If there is no health care centre, enrolment can be done at the office of the Representative or Welfare Officer.

A TMS member has the following responsibilities: •Attend meeting or get information on Tibetan Medicare System •Make a decision on enrolment •Fill the enrolment form with help of enrolment officer who could be any one of (Representative, Welfare officer, Doctor, Executive secretary, Health worker, camp leader etc.) •Submit the form with contribution amount and ID card charge to the enrolment officer •At the time of enrolment, you will receive TMS Health Plan-Member Handbook. Read the document and ask the enrolment officer in case of any clarifications.  •Sign the “Received Member’s Health book” sheet

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Procedure for Availing Benefits under Tibetan Medicare Scheme


Scope, eligibility, benefits & contributions,coverage & exclusions