Diagnosis: Severe Mental Retardation
Hometown: Tawang
DOB: March 16, 2007
Admission Date: 29/10/2016

Lham Tsering is from Tawang, a town situated at an elevation of approximately 3,048 meters in the northwestern part of Arunachal Pradesh in India. His father abandoned him long back because of his special condition and his mother can’t go out to earn their livelihood and even when she goes out for a part time work, she lock him inside the room. Child is having difficulties of speech, hearing and movement since birth. He is in need of full assist on his daily activities, such as feeding, dressing, toileting etc. Due to remoteness of his home and poor financial status of family, he is admitted in this special need for the improvement of his condition without charging a penny. Therefore, any help render for this differently abled child is highly appreciated.

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