As you all know that India is in the middle of a harsh second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 380,000 new daily cases and 3,498 deaths registered as on 30th April 2021. India is presently experiencing its worst surge in Covid since the pandemic struck. Unlike the earlier wave, the current wave is devastating communities in India and healthcare systems are stretched to breaking point as medical professionals and government officials struggle to manage this unprecedented crisis.  

As coronavirus continues to spread exponentially across India, we are seeing a rapid spike in COVID-19 cases in many Tibetan settlements in India also. Particularly in Tibetan inhabited areas such as Dharamshala, Dehradun, Ladakh, Bir, Hunsur and Odisha settlements have reported a surge in covid cases. In the past week, 352 new covid cases and 3 deaths were reported in Tibetan settlements in India. As of 30th April 2021, a total of 2,450 COVID-19 cases, with 1720 cases of recoveries and 53 deaths were reported from Tibetan refugee communities in India and Nepal.  The health status of the covid positive cases in the Tibetan settlements is being closely monitored by the local health workers and timely medical care is being provided at the local DOH settlement hospitals/Covid Care centers.

Noting the scarcity of healthcare workers and required infrastructure in government and private hospitals in the States, the hospitals and clinics under the Department of Health (DOH) have become the frontline responders in the Tibetan settlements. The Department of Health CTA through support of Kashag and donors like PRM have been providing medical support and other COVID-19 emergency services to the Tibetan refugee community through its 40 health centers in collaboration with settlement offices across India and Nepal. Through our 90 quarantine centers and 8 Covid care centers, we provide the below services among others:

  • Covid testing support.
  • Medical support including oxygen.
  • Accommodation and food at quarantine  centers.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Tibetan Sorig Immune booster pills.
  • Infection control (Sanitization, Mask distributions and PPEs etc).
  • Additional health worker and support staff (In case of emergency situation)
  • Mental health counseling

Everyone can now support directly the response coordinated by the Department of Health CTA. People and organizations who want to help fight the pandemic and support CTA and partners can now donate through the COVID-SOLIDARITY RESPONSE FUND FOR CTA.

Donations received through the fund will go towards activities such as:

  • Detecting and testing cases, tracing and quarantining contacts, shielding high-risk groups.
  • Procurement of essential medical equipment and supplies
  • Distribution of sorig immune booster pills to covid patients and quarantine person
  • Hiring an additional health workers and support staff during crisis situations
  • Procurement of universal precaution supplies such as PPE , Gloves, N95/Surgical masks, sanitization supplies etc.,
  • Food, furnishing and lodging for quarantine and covid care centers
  • Ambulance rental fees/Vehicle fuel fees
  • Treatment support for critical covid patients and healthcare workers.
  • Accelerate equitable access to vaccines.

Your contributions of any amount can save a person’s life at this very moment. Tibetans are no different in India, loosing hopes and need help to bring the sense of belonging in the times when your solidarity in the form of monetary help can uplift their spirit to fight against COVID. Together we are stronger and healthier.

More Information can be found at and (COVID-19 link)