Department of Health established in Dec, 1981 is accountable for overall public health promotion and medical care service of over 120,000 Tibetan refugees living in India, Nepal and Bhutan. It aims to make Tibetan refugee settlements viable by improving basic health status of Tibetan in exile through its Primary Health Care centers, for disease prevention, promotion of healthier lifestyles and a cleaner environment. It currently manages and finances 54 health centers in India and Nepal.

The Department faces major challenges in providing adequate health care to the public, particularly in remote areas. Therefore, we request you to endow your generous support to any of the DoH projects listed below.

Please write us at health@tibet.net or you can contact us on 01892-222718/223486. Thank You.





    1. Kalachakra 2016 Free Medical Camp at Bodh Gaya
    2. Support Ngoenga Home School
    3. Kollegal Hospital Staff Quarter construction
    4. Construction of fully equipped Laboratory and X- ray room for Miao Primary Health center
    5. Support for Hepatitis B Awareness, Training, Testing, Vaccination and Treatment
    6. Mobile Health Clinic for Tibetan refugee nomads at Ladakh Jangthang
    7. Extensive renovation of DTR hospital of Tibetan settlement at Mundgod
    8. 100 Toilets for Tuting Tibetan settlement
    9. Resident Doctors’ Quarters Construction for Miao Primary Health center
    10. 200 Composite toilets for Ladakh Settlement and Jangthang
    11. Tsering Dhondenling camp Water Project
    12. Physiotherapy equipments for Hospitals and Health centers at Mundgod, Ladakh, Odisha, Bylakuppe,
      Kollegal, Dekyiling and Bir
    13. New Ambulance for Pokhara Jampaling Health center
    14. Major renovation of Mainpat Primary Health center
    15. Dental Chair and equipments for Hospitals and Health centers at Ladakh, Hunsur, Poanta and Mainpat



A. Water projects:

Sl. No Project Title Place Amount (Rs.)
1 Water filter Mandi, Himachal Pradesh 9,490/-
2 Relocation of Pipeline Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement, Dheradun 1,77,551/-
3 New Pipeline Project Camp # 8, Mundgod, South India 4,79,400/-
4 Drinking Water Project Tashijong Tibetan Settlement, Himachal Pradesh 500,000/-
5 Drinking Water Project Ravangla Tibetan Settlement, South Sikkim 800,000/-


B. Sanitation Projects:

Sl. No Project Title Place Amount (Rs.)
1 Toilet Renovation Hunsur Rabgyeling, South India 25,180/-
2 Toilet construction Lugsam Bylakuppe, South India 3,16,658/-
3 12 toilets construction Kamrao settlement, H.P. State 4,47,146/-
4 Drainage Construction Rajpur Tibetan women’s center, Dehradun 6,17,201/-
5 300 Toilets construction Ladakh & Jangthang 16,50,000/-
6 Toilet construction Tuting settlement, A.P. State 65,42,934/-


C. Tibetan Medicare System:

Sl. No. Project Title Place Amount (Rs.)
1 Reserve Fund for Tibetan Medicare System Dharamshala, H.P State     10,000,000/-


D. Medical Equipments:

Sl. No. Project Title Place Amount (Rs.)
1 Physiotherapy Unit Equipments Mundgod, South India 163,500/-
2 Dental chair & Equipments Sonamling, Ladhak, J &K State 350,000/-
3 Digital X ray Machine Kollegal, South India 93,00,000/-
4 Digital X ray Machine Bylakuppe, South India 93,00,000/-
5 Conventional X ray machine Hunsur, South India 729,210/-
6 Automated Hematology Analyzer Tibetan Health Center, Bir, HP State 600,000/-
7 Digital X ray Machine Mundgod, South India 93,00,000/-
8 Physiotherapy Equipments Kollegal, South India 631,590/-
9 Physiotherapy Equipments Bylakuppe, South India 631,590/-


E. Construction and Renovation:

Sl. No. Project Title Place Amount (Rs.)
1 Clinic renovation Chauntra, H.P. State      63,037/-
2 Telemedicine room extension Primary Health Center, Mainpat, Chattisgarh State      4,88,000/-
3 Complete renovation of TB Isolation ward Mundgod, South India 815,400/-
4 Nurse Quarters Tuting, A.P. State 13,75,490/-
6 Hospital Renovation Mungod, South India 58,50,395/-
7 Staff Quarter Renovation Mungod, South India 22,84,700/-
8 Staff Quarter Renovation Kollegal, South India 57,94,532/-
9 Renovation of Sumdho Clinic & Staff Quarter Ladakh, J&K State 700,000/-
10 Construction of Medical Doctor’s Quarter Chompheling, Miao, A.P State 800,000/-


F. Ambulance:

Sl. No. Project Title Place Amount (Rs.)
1 Well Equipped Ambulance Menlha Hospital, Odisha 10,00,000/-


The detail project proposal will be submitted later upon receiving your email to support any of those projects.

Payment Method

Thank you for your interest in donating to Department of Health or Tibetan Voluntary Health Association. Your generosity enables us to continue providing health care services to all Tibetan refuges in India and Nepal.

Please make donation by cheque/bank draft/IMO payable to Tibetans Voluntary Health Association towards any of the projects and programs mentioned above.

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