Health Department Holds Mental Health Workshop to Tibetan Health Workers

The Department of Health organised a Mental Health Workshop at Tibetan Reception center from 14-19 November 2016. During the six-day workshop, twenty-five Tibetan health workers from Tibetan health centers across India took part and discussed mental health from ba-group-of-the-participants-with-the-resource-persons-and-officials-of-health-departmentoth the western allopathic as well as traditional Tibetan medical perspectives.

Dr Sukhjeet Singh, Head of Tanda Psychiatric Department, taught the participants about Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia while Dr Tenzin Tsuendue from Tibetan Delek Hospital spoke on Epilepsy and Ms Pema Norkyi (MSc Clinical Psychologist) spoke on depression.

Geshe Tenpa Tashi, Tserampa Tenzin Nyendak, Menrampa Ngawang Jinpa and Dr Sonam Dolker Oshoe from Body, Mind and life Department of Mentseekhang addressed mental health from the traditional Tibetan medical perspectives. The participants were also introduced to yoga by Dr Chog Tenzin Monlam from Libraray of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA).

The workshop was was in continuation of the previous mental health workshops organised at VIMHANS and NIMHANS, with the stated objective of improving the mental health status of the Tibetan refugee population in exile by a-session-on-yoga-was-held-during-the-workshopstrengthening the skills and knowledge of health service providers. Unlike the previous mental health workshops, this workshop included approaches from Buddhist philosophy and traditional Tibetan Medicine to achieve a more holistic outcome.

The concluding session of the workshop was conducted by Health Kalon Mr Choekyong Wangchuk. In his remarks, he emphasised the role of health workers in the prevention of diseases and the promotion of health. He called upon the health staff to implement the knowledge and skills gained through such workshops in delivering better health services to the community. He further noted that their profession is indeed a noble profession and appealed them to continue doing their best.