Donor No. Donor Country Amount (Rs) Purpose of Donation Received on
1 Yeshe Norbu Via Tenpa Ngodup Italy 25,728.00 Sponsorship of Ngoenga Children
2 Shenpen Tibet Aid Norway 276,432.00 Health Project in Sonada
3 The Tibet Relief Fund England 292,502.00 Ngoenga School/Tenzingang grant
4 Associazione Villaggio Terraong Italy 117,941.00 Rehabilitation of Substance Abuse
5 Johns Hopkins University USA 546,664.00 The Epidemiology study of Chronic Hepatitis B at Bylakuppe
6 BMZ Germany Via Maltester International & MIA Delhi 1,500,000.00 TMS 1st Inst.grant
7 Shenpen Tibet Aid Norway 234,000.00 Health Project in Sonada
8 SOIR-IM Via Rajpur Swiss 150,000.00 Salary of dealing staffs
9 US AID via USA Embassy New Delhi 1,589,520.00 Torture Survivors program
10 Yeshe Norbu Via Tenpa Ngodup Italy 82,560.00 Sponsorship of Ngoenga Children
11 The Tibet Fund USA 550,000.00 Eye Camp at Odisha, Bhandara & Mainpat
12 Sharon D.Parr, California USA 152,568.00 Sponsorship of Ngoenga Children
13 Tibet Charitable Trust Via Tibet House Trust London 981,546.00 Recurring expenses of Clinic in Northeast
14 Vimala Associazione Italy 1,040,025.00 Ambulance for Miao PHC
15 998,424.00 Vehicle Fund for Tso Jhe Khangsar Hospital, Bylakuppe
16 1,664,042.00 Toilet Renovation at Ngoenga School
17 SOIR-IM Via Rajpur Swiss 547,995.00 Health Project 4th Quarter
18 The Tibet Fund USA 263,288.00 Sponsorship of Ngoenga School 2nd&3rd Qtr.
19 6,195.00 General Donation
20 588,525.00 Eye Camp at Mundgod settlement
21 German Aid to Tibetans Germany 416,035.00 Eye Camp in Tibetan Settlement
22 The American Himalayan Foundation USA 629,046.00 Special Diet for Ngoenga School
23 PRM Via SARD USA 23,645,508.00 Basic Health Care & HIS
24 AET Via CTRC France 161,508.00 Sponsorship of Ngoenga Children
25 US AID via USA Embassy, New Delhi USA 736,574.00 Torture Survivors program
26 Yeshe Norbu appello Italy 861,473.00 Ambulance PHC Bhandara
27 Tibet Religious Foundation of H.H.The Dalai Lama Taiwan 940,703.00 General Donation for Tibetan Medicare
28 Staub/Kaiser Foundation Switzerland 1,108,862.00 Health expenses of Ngoenga Children